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  • Schoolhouse Rocked: The Homeschool Revolution

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    Schoolhouse Rocked: The Homeschool Revolution is a feature-length documentary which will break down common misconceptions about homeschooling, encourage a flood of new families to homeschool, and equip those already homeschooling to do it with excellence. The film follows host, Yvette Hampton, as...

  • A Champion Heart

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    Following the death of her mom, fifteen-year-old Mandy Renner struggles to overcome her grief in a new town. When a group of popular girls betray her trust, she is forced to serve time at an equine sanctuary. There she meets 'Tux,' an unruly Paint who is missing half of one ear. The two overcome ...

  • How The Left Is Stealing Your Church

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    It is no secret that America has entered a stifling new phase of political correctness. A new cultural orthodoxy created by Critical Race Theory, gender ideology, “social justice,“ radical environmentalism, and casual socialism, among others, now punishes dissent and silences Biblical truth. But...

  • Elf-Man
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    1 video  |   Rent $4.99   |   Buy $9.99

    An Elf is left behind by Santa to help rescue the Harper family from a lousy Christmas. The Elf and the family get more than they bargained for, as the kids help the Elf discover his special powers and true identity as a budding superhero.