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The Dinesh D'Souza Podcast

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  • 12/20/21 - THE INSTIGATORS - Ep. 241

    In this episode, Dinesh examines the latest Revolver News bombshell detailing how a group of unindicted instigators directed the breach of the Capitol on January 6. Dinesh celebrates the downfall of the Build Back Better legislation, giving credit where credit is due. Dinesh explains the strange ...

  • 12/17/21 - THE REAL FREELOADER - Ep. 240

    In this episode, Dinesh considers Elizabeth Warren's accusation that entrepreneur Elon Musk is a "freeloader" to ask, who's the real freeloader? Dinesh offers eight separate reasons to think that we are, under Biden and the Democrats, experiencing the Sovietization of America. Dinesh exposes Goog...

  • 12/16/21 - THE FRAMING OF MATT GAETZ ...

    In this episode, Dinesh discusses with Rep. Matt Gaetz the effort on the part of the Left and the media to frame him on false charges. Dinesh predicts the Supreme Court is getting ready to deliver very good news on religious liberty and scholarships for children to attend private schools. Dinesh...