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2/25/21 – MISS ME YET? - Ep. 34

The Dinesh D'Souza Podcast

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    In this episode, Dinesh offers a critique of Biden’s foreign policy which purports to promote “democratic values” worldwide. Dinesh argues that the best way to check tyrannical regimes is to make alliances based on mutual self-interest with countries that don’t want to fall under those tyrannies...

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    In this episode Dinesh exposes Biden’s pick for attorney general, Merrick Garland, as a vicious partisan who will likely preside over a Department of Injustice. What happened to the 6-3 Supreme Court majority for which conservatives fought so long and hard? Wikipedia’s lies about January 6, jus...

  • 2/22/21 - ERASING TRUMP - Ep. 31

    In this episode Dinesh reveals the Left’s desperate attempts to erase Trump’s name from the nation’s memory, erven as Trump continues to shape the future of the GOP and the Right. Hundreds of members of Congress and their staffs have reportedly been in therapy since the events of January 6, and—...