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3/10/21 – NOPE TO THE POPE - Ep. 43

The Dinesh D'Souza Podcast

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    In this special episode, Dinesh engages in a wide-ranging conversation with the radical activist and cofounder of the Weather Underground Bill Ayers. Ayers’ story begins with the domestic terrorism of the 1960s—which got him on the FBI “Most Wanted” list—and culminates in Ayers co-founding Refus...

  • 3/8/21 – COMING TO AMERICA - Ep. 41

    In this episode, Dinesh tackles the gathering storm on the U.S. border, as the Biden administration dismantles Trump's wall. Dinesh explores fundamental questions in the immigration debate: are illegals "immigrants"? Are some immigrants better for America than others? Should America take illegal...

  • 3/5/21 – PELOSI’S BREW - Ep. 40

    In this episode, Dinesh exposes how Nancy Pelosi’s HR1 is an attempt to control the election process by stacking the deck in favor of Democrats. Dinesh makes the case that the red states, in ending their lockdowns, are finally trusting their citizens to use freedom responsibly. Dinesh ponders w...