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3/25/21 - BIDEN’S BRAIN - Ep. 54

The Dinesh D'Souza Podcast

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  • 3/24/21 – THE GREAT EXCUSE - Ep. 53

    In this episode, Dinesh reflects on the Muslim mass shooter in Boulder and Democrats’ immediate calls for gun restrictions, noting that the last time Muslim radicals went on a killing spree in New York on 9/11, no one called for outlawing the two weapons involved, namely boxcutters and airplanes....

  • 3/23/21 – EXPLOITING THE POOR - Ep. 52

    In this episode, Dinesh reveals how the Biden administration’s immigration policy involves two types of exploitation: the exploitation of desperately poor migrants and also of equally-desperate American workers struggling to keep their jobs and wages. James O’Keefe of Project Veritas joins Dines...

  • 3/22/21 – A CONVERSATION WITH J.D. VA...

    In this episode Dinesh has a wide-ranging conversation with acclaimed author J.D. Vance, whose bestselling book “Hillbilly Elegy” is now a Netflix movie directed by Ron Howard. Dinesh and J.D. talk about the crisis at the border, Nancy Pelosi’s contention that illegals are the true embodiments o...