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The Dinesh D'Souza Podcast

Up Next in The Dinesh D'Souza Podcast

  • 5/12/21 - TRUMP 1, CHENEY 0 - Ep. 88

    In this episode, Dinesh traces the larger question behind the removal of Liz Cheney from House leadership: is the GOP going to move forward in a Trumpian direction, or go back to its old Bush-Cheney brand? Dinesh reveals the big secret that has come out of Maricopa County's election audit and spe...

  • 5/11/21 - FAUCI COMPLEX - Ep. 87

    In this episode, Dinesh draws on a new investigative report to probe the origins of Covid-19. Dinesh offers a surprising, and yet completely plausible, reason for why Dr. Fauci might want people to wear masks "seasonally" with no end in sight. Jen Psaki is mystified, so Dinesh explains to her wh...

  • 5/10/21 - DISNEY’S WOKE WORLD - Ep. 86

    In this episode, Dinesh exposes Disney's woke world, one that would have Walt Disney spinning in his grave. Dinesh reveals the real reason for the attacks on Asian Americans and it’s not “white supremacy.” Dinesh candidly analyses George W. Bush's recent warning that Republicans cannot be the "p...