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The Dinesh D'Souza Podcast

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  • 5/24/21 - THE REAL ENEMY - Ep. 96

    In this episode, Dinesh reveals how free speech is much bigger than the First Amendment, and how digital censorship deprives conservatives of a basic element of their humanity--the right to speak their mind. Fauci now concedes Covid-19 might have come from the Wuhan lab, and Dinesh spells out the...

  • 5/21/21 - THE PERSECUTION OF TRUMP - ...

    In this episode, Dinesh exposes the criminal investigation of Trump as a thinly-disguised political persecution. Dinesh shows that, by contrast, the New York State investigation of Cuomo is actually an attempt to protect him. Taking up Nikole Hannah-Jones' critique of the founding, Dinesh reveal...

  • 5/20/21 - IS MERIT RACIST? - Ep. 94

    In this episode, Dinesh exposes the idiocy behind claims that our healthcare system and our educational system are institutionally racist. Dinesh then explores, half satirically, the Critical Race critique of the biblical Parable of the Talents. Dinesh argues that today merit is viewed as racist...