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The Dinesh D'Souza Podcast

Up Next in The Dinesh D'Souza Podcast

  • 8/13/21 - AND THE WINNER IS… - Ep. 153

    In this episode, Dinesh reveals who are the Taliban and how they defeated the greatest military in the world. Dinesh puts on his Taliban hat to consider Jen Psaki's invitation to the Taliban to be part of the "international community." Dinesh shows how GOP criticism of Biden's infrastructure bill...

  • 8/12/21 - THE ONLY HONEST DEMOCRAT - ...

    In this episode, Dinesh reveals how Joe Manchin is the only honest Democrat, and our best hope for halting the worst excesses of the Biden administration. Dinesh celebrates the Texas Supreme Court's decision to bring out the leg irons, and derides a bogus fact check that claimed the Court couldn'...

  • 8/11/21 - MEET ASHLI BABBITT'S - Ep. 151

    In this episode, Dinesh interviews Ashli Babbitt's mom Micki about Ashli's character, the events of January 6, and how she hopes to achieve justice for Ashli. Dinesh celebrates Andrew Cuomo's political demise, and offers a highly sarcastic proposal for Cuomo to rehabilitate his image. Dinesh reve...