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The Dinesh D'Souza Podcast

Up Next in The Dinesh D'Souza Podcast

  • 2/1/21 - THE ENEMY WITHIN - Ep. 16

    In this episode Dinesh will explain the significance of walls going up around the U.S. Capitol and coming down on the U.S. border: Are Trump supporters now the “enemy within”? The new wolves of Wall Street—is Bernie right about capitalism after all? Dinesh compares FBI agent Kevin Clinesmith’s s...

  • 1/29/21 - THE GREAT EXCUSE - Ep. 15

    In this episode, Dinesh traces the roots of the new nihilism in finance and politics. How Covid19 - a real virus - paved the way for the unreal suppression of economic and civil liberties. Biden and the fallacy of zero-sum economics. Dinesh talks to comedian Terrence Williams about Trump, blac...

  • 1/28/21 - KAMIKAZE POLITICS - Ep. 14

    In this episode Dinesh exposes the GameStop controversy to reveal the age of kamikaze investors and kamikaze politics. Dinesh also asks whether Biden’s climate busters can actually alter the earth’s climate. Is Tulsi Gabbard right that some leftists are trying to bring a KGB-style police state ...