The Eric Metaxas Radio Show

The Eric Metaxas Radio Show

Hosted by respected cultural commentator and New York Times bestselling author Eric Metaxas, The Eric Metaxas Radio Show is a daily talk show featuring high-profile guests and compelling perspective on American culture, political life, and stories making news around the corner and across the globe.

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The Eric Metaxas Radio Show
  • 9/24/21 - Victoria Jackson

    Victoria Jackson has a few stories about Johnny Carson and her 20 appearances on The Tonight Show; plus, takes a very serious and personal look at the subject of death.

  • 9/17/21 - Kenny Sacht & Keith Guinta

    Keith Guinta and Kenny Sacht are in the studio to discuss their trips to the Philippines with a group called Wipe Every Tear, focused on rescuing women trapped in the sex industry.

  • 9/17/21 - Paul Anka

    Singer-songwriter Paul Anka, who wrote "My Way" for his friend Frank Sinatra, has a new album and shares details of his legendary career which began at age 15 and included hanging out with the Rat Pack.

  • 9/16/21 - John Zmirak

    Big Bad John Zmirak from addresses the shameful remarks of President Bush during his speech on 9/11 -- is he in bed with the Deep State? Plus, an early rave review of "Is Atheism Dead?"

  • 9/10/21 - Rebekah Lyons

    Rebekah Lyons offers practical advice and spiritual wisdom from her new book, "A Surrendered Yes: 52 Devotions to Let Go and Live Free."

  • 9/10/21 - Ron and Lynette Lewis

    Pastor Ron Lewis and his wife Lynette of Every Nation NYC are in the studio to talk about their book, "Miracles in Manhattan," and events of 9/11 from twenty years ago.

  • 9/9/21 - Doug Mastriano

    Sen. Doug Mastriano talks about the stumbling blocks to uncovering 2020 election maleficence.

  • 9/7/21 - Mike Lindell

    Mike Lindell has an overview of his recent Cyber Symposium which investigated election fraud, and suggests where we go from here.

  • 8/27/21 - C.L. Bryant

    C.L. Bryant from Freedom Works provides a good look into what's really going on with race relations in America, past and present.

  • 8/25/21 - Ruth Wisse

    Ruth Wisse shares her fascinating life story which she's compiled in her new book, "Free As A Jew: A Personal Memoir of National Self-Liberation."

  • 8/23/21 - John Zmirak

    John Zmirak of exposes what he sees as life in "a bizarre, end-times novel" -- the vaccine's connection with abortion, as well as the disastrous tragedy of Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal.

  • 8/20/21 - Stephen Strang

    Steve Strang has a few thoughts about "God and Cancel Culture" and urges citizens to take a bold stand and pushback before it's too late.

  • 8/19/21 - Becket Cook

    Becket Cook provides pushback on the Netflix film "Pray Away," explaining exactly what that documentary got wrong; and in this encore presentation, Clay Clark talks about the ReAwaken Tour, featuring speakers like General Michael Flynn.

  • 8/19/21 - Jesse Watters

    Jesse Watters shamelessly explains the amazing heroics found in his new book, "How I Saved the World" -- as well as comments on hot-button, current-event issues.

  • 8/18/21 - Jenna Ellis

    Constitutional law attorney Jenna Ellis weighs in on the total debacle that is the Biden administration, both here and abroad.

  • 8/17/21 - Sean Feucht

    Sean Feucht has been to Afghanistan with his ministry and offers his feelings about what the people there are going through now; plus, what about the attack on Sean's group in Portland by Antifa?

  • 8/17/21 - Daniel Greenfield

    Daniel Greenfield from the Freedom Center exposes the disloyalty among the military brass with examples of how they are betraying our country -- and the people of Afghanistan.

  • 8/16/21 - Chris Reed

    Chris Reed of Morningstar Ministries discusses prophetic messages about the lives of family and friends, as well as weighs in on our current cultural climate and several miraculous events.

  • 8/13/21 - Francis Chan

    Francis Chan brings out concepts from his new book, "Until Unity," and also talks about "supernatural answers to prayer" and amazing miracles; plus, a wet-your-beak Fun Facts Friday!

  • 8/12/21 - Alan Dershowitz

    Alan Dershowitz shares his thoughts on Governor Andrew Cuomo's resignation, and expands on ideas from his latest book, "The Case Against the New Censorship."

  • 8/11/21 - John Zmirak

    John Zmirak from covers the attack by Antifa on Christians trying to worship at Sunday service -- and he lets fly, his thoughts on the end of Governor Cuomo's reign of terror.

  • 8/9/21 - Mallory Millett

    Mallory Millett has had a long and varied career and association with the world's elite, including almost dating Mick Jagger, calming the nerves of Marlon Brando, and hobnobbing with Mother Theresa.

  • 8/6/21 - Clay Clark

    Clay Clark talks about the ReAwaken America Tour, featuring speakers like General Michael Flynn; Clay also provides evidence of what appears to be a sinister plot to take total control of this country.

  • 8/6/21 - Don Brown

    Eric Metaxas interviews Don Brown, former Navy JAG officer and author about the new movie Fallen Angel Call Sign: Extortion 17.