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  • How to Buy and Watch for Roku, FireTV, and Samsung TV

    How to Buy and Watch for Roku, FireTV, and Samsung TV.

  • The Pilgrims Trailer

    The recent war on history threatens to erase America’s past. Even the Pilgrims are now portrayed as bloodthirsty imperialists bent on subjugating people. But that false and libelous picture is ridiculous and must be challenged. Just in time for the 400th anniversary of the first Thanksgiving, the...

  • Right Before Your Eyes Trailer

    Ethan, a recovering alcoholic father shares his story with a peculiar stranger, Ambrose, as he embarks on a reflective train ride home to visit his young Autistic son Lucas.

  • FALLEN ANGEL Call Sign: Extortion 17 Trailer

  • Children of Shanghai Trailer

    Bear Grylls introduces this documentary feature about China’s first generation of foster children. Now working in technology, finance, tourism, arts and sports, these young professionals reveal how they moved on from life in orphanages to achieve success and, in a series of...

  • Final Frequency Trailer

    PhD student Esther connects unusual tremors in L.A. to rogue scientists, desperately seeking Nikola Tesla's lost notebook. If captured, Tesla’s deadly research will enhance the destructive power of their master plan to manipulate thoughts and to manufacture an earthquake to tak...

  • A Fathers Fight Trailer


    Hitting rock bottom, an aging boxer's (Bo Lawson) rivalry within himself restores his vitality with hopes of retraining to fight for what matters most.

  • No Safe Spaces - Trailer

  • From Poor to CEO - Trailer

  • Like a Country Song - Trailer

    COMING JUNE 25th

    After meeting his father (Billy Ray Cyrus) for the first time, an up-and-coming country singer (Joel Smallbone) tries to rekindle an old flame and rebuild what he has ruined.

  • Love Again - Trailer


    Amidst a distant relationship with his father (Kevin Sorbo) and losing his girlfriend to his best friend (Ben Davies) Nathan’s (Jason Burkey) brokenness leads him on a journey of rediscovering hope and a healing heart to love again.

  • The Author The Star and The Keeper - Trailer

    COMING JUNE 11th

    From the beginning of time, The Author (Bruce Marchiano), has written a prodigal son story for an estranged son The Star (Simon Jon Provan), who returns to his childhood town to rekindle his relationship with his ailing father The Keeper (David Ruprecht).

  • Forgiven - Trailer

    When Lieutenant Morgan (Kevin Sorbo) and his armed force arrive on the scene of a church hostage situation, James (Casey Fuller) weighs his options for an escape while Elizabeth (Jenn Gotzen) makes it her mission to save his life.

  • Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words - Trailer

    Although Clarence Thomas remains a controversial figure, few know him beyond his contentious confirmation battle. But beyond the headlines, Thomas’ life is a classic American tale: born poor in the segregated South, only to become one of the most influential justices in the highest court in the l...

  • The Perfect Mate - Trailer

    Hope (Brittany Lucio) is a control freak and a perfectionist and nothing would please her more than bringing the perfect Christian future husband home for the weekend to meet her family (Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, Jackée Harry, K.D. Aubert).

  • Acquitted by Faith - Trailer

    COMING MAY 21st

    Attorney Benjamin Stills (Casper Van Dien) is nearly sentenced to prison and finds faith in God after a teenage girl loses her life in an accidental car crash from texting while driving.

  • Fearless Faith - Trailer

    COMING MAY 21st

    Officer Shep (Ben Davies) sets out on a courageous mission to lay his life down and save his partner when Colton (Jason Burkey) a respected sheriff’s deputy begins to question his faith.

  • Hope In The Holy Land - Trailer

    COMING MAY 14th

    A timely award-winning documentary on one of the most contested conflicts in the world.

    Todd Morehead, an American Christian with a deep love for Israel, sets off on a journey across the Holy Land to confront his indifference toward the Palestinians and to search for the deeper ...

  • The Streets Were My Father - Trailer

    The Streets Were My Father features the real life journey of three inner-city Chicago men from fatherlessness to gangs, and from life in prison to prison ministry programs that set them on the road to redemption. And lives as productive members of society. The Streets Were My Fat...

  • Billionaire Radical - Trailer

  • Selfie Dad - Trailer

  • Uncle Tom - Trailer

  • America's Forgotten - Trailer

  • Patterns of Evidence: Exodus - Trailer