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The Dinesh D'Souza Podcast

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  • 3/18/21 – 100 CAR PILEUP - Ep. 49

    In this episode, Dinesh explores what Mitch McConnell means by promising a "10 car pileup" if the Democrats overturn the filibuster. Dinesh exposes the theological roots of "woke supremacy," showing how it is a perversion of the Christian worldview. How the FBI's January 6 investigation turned ...

  • 3/17/21 – ALIEN INVASION - Ep. 48

    In this episode, Dinesh exposes the alien invasion, a swarm of illegals who travel to the US border in caravans organized and subsidized by the international Left. Taking up economist Larry Kudlow's statement that the federal government could get more revenue by lowering taxes on the rich, Dines...

  • 3/16/21 – WOKE SUPREMACY - Ep. 47

    In this episode, Dinesh takes up Senator Tim Scott’s equation of “woke supremacy” and “white supremacy,” arguing that woke supremacy is actually a form of white supremacy. Dinesh reveals how the Washington Post and New York Times have gone full Pravda in their lies about Trump and their devotion...